Commando Lloyd offers 3 training packages tailored towards achieving and maintaining your desired results- the COMMIT, EVOLVE and ACHIEVE packages.  

All options are suitable for:

  • Beginners

  • Gym users who have exercised for a long period of time without achieving results

  • Anyone who needs motivation to exercise

  • Anyone who needs fitness and nutritional advice

  • Time poor individuals who need to optimise their workout time

  • Those who want to reach a specific training goal

  • Anyone looking to achieve results for a wedding, holiday, birthday, reunion or any other special occasion

£45 per session

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£45 per session

1 Month Term

8 Sessions

Total Price £360

£40 per session

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£40 per session

3 Month Term

24 Sessions

Total Price £960

£35 per session

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£35 per session

6 Month Term

48 Sessions

Total Price £1680

The frequency and structure provided by regular personal training sessions is the easiest and fastest way to achieve results. Regular contact will help to motivate you to make the lifestyle changes that are otherwise difficult to achieve on your own.


Any client who books an Achieve or Evolve package are entitled to bring a friend to their session for free with advanced notice. The friend is able to join in with the session but only the main client is entitled to the individual training program, nutritional guidance and assessments.

To note:

Individual sessions can still be booked at a rate of £50 per session

Each session across all packages are for an hour

Each package is based on 2 personal training sessions per week

Additional sessions per week may be added at the relevant package rate

ONLINE training

In order to be as flexible as possible, to suit your needs, we soon aim to be offering some online training packages.