After spending 12 years as a Royal Marines Commando I have developed an in depth knowledge in maintaining an elite level of personal fitness. I use my background by taking a military approach to fitness, focussing on all round strength and extensive cardiovascular exercise. The body does what the mind tells it to and I believe in developing a mental toughness in my clients by promoting a ‘Can do, Will do’ attitude. Developing my clients to follow this mental ethos in every single training session is what sets me apart from other personal trainers.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is not understanding the difference between weight loss and fat loss. When people tell me they want to lose weight my next question is why? The answer that usually follows is to look better. The individual assumes the way they look is linked to a number on the scales and a weight they were in the past when they felt good about themselves (for example on their wedding day). This is the wrong way to look at things. If I then said to the same person I can make you look exactly the same as you did on your wedding day but your weight will remain the same as it is now, would that person still be concerned about what they weighed? Probably not.

FAT IS THE ENEMY not your overall weight. My programs are designed to eliminate fat and maintain or increase muscle strength and density. In doing this I can guarantee your shape will change and you will look better over time. People need to pay more attention to inches off the waist, clothes size and how they look in the mirror rather than the figure the scales.


For those people desiring a toned beach body, holiday ready look I have specific training programs to help them achieve this.

I firmly believe in a mixed approach to achieving a fit muscular frame for both males and females alike. My intensive body toning programs are designed around Bodyweight resistance training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


So motivating!! Loving my training sessions with Lloyd and feeling the results already!
Michelle O'Riordan
Amazing gym with all the equipment you could ask for. Lloyd is highly recommended and will get you the results you want.
Rebecca O'Callaghan
I’m so sad my training with Lloyd is coming to an end but feel so motivated and finally confident and ready to walk in to a gym and know what I’m doing… He really goes above and beyond to make each session different and most of all enjoyable! Really professional and passionate about his job!! Highly recommended and my favourite quote I’ll be taking with me… Don’t change your body because you hate it, change it because you love it!!!!!! Thank you Lloyd
Carly O'Riordan
Excellent gym. Excellent trainer. Couldn’t recommend enough.
Lauren O'Flaherty
Excellent facilities and superb one to one experience by a highly experienced and qualified trainer. Couldn’t recommend Commando Lloyd enough!
Craig Hosler